Parent and 0-5 Club

Parent and 0-5 Club at St. Mary Magdalene with St. Martin

Parent and 0-5 Club provides an important and valuable outreach by the church into the community on a Wednesday afternoon during term time. We have had as many as 70 families join us, from many different countries. There are unlimited drinks and biscuits, and a number of activities both inside and out in a safe environment that the children and their carers can participate in a variety of ways, with toys, craft and music. We continue to be very grateful to the Pre-School for the use of their outdoor play equipment, and the support of Pre-School Alliance who have brought us books in various languages and free bags containing books for parents to read to their children.

Our club has a valuable team of people, both men and women from the church, providing refreshment, befriending and integrating with those who come, and most important of all being available to lend a 'listening ear' when needed. As a team we find it very encouraging to see some families in church on a Sunday morning and joining in the main Festival services during the year.

For more information please ask for :

Gillian Perrins – Team Leader

Chris Rutter  - Support Leader

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