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Everything you need to know about joining in this exciting free event from your home

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This event has finished, but most content will be available until the end of May for you to enjoy

A Thank You From Spring Harvest

Due to overwhelming demand, we are so pleased to announce that we will continue to provide as much content as possible from Spring Harvest Home through our YouTube channel, at least until the end of May, and all still for free. We really hope that it will be a blessing to you, your families and churches.

We are also adding regular new material to the site, starting last week with Thought for The Day by Steve Uppal, with even more to come, including Karl Martin, Lisa Holmes, Cris Rogers and many more.

If you haven’t already, we recommend that you subscribe to the Spring Harvest YouTube channel and add Spring Harvest to allow notifications in your settings. This way you will be alerted when new material becomes available to view.

Did you see our great video montage for the Big Start song Glow? We used many of your videos and photos sent in to us. You can watch this special version here!


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