War Memorial at St Mary Magdalene Church

The War Memorial at St Mary Magdalene Church, Addiscombe

Find out about the lives of the Men on the War Memorial in St Mary Magdalene Church, Addiscombe. Stephanie’s booklets bring a fascinating glimpse of their lives. Click on the images below to read the booklets. 

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Alphabetical List of Names

St. Mary Magdalene Church St. Martins Church
Surname Forename(s) Surname Forename(s)
Atha Leonard Edward Baines Arthur
Attewell Alfred William Chevins Walter Henry
Aveline Arthur Henry Kent Percy
Bance Albert Frederick King George Frederick
Barrett Sidney McQuat Hugh
Baxter William Henry Page Richard William
Belchamber Eric Harold Peters Walter Charles
Bentham Thomas Playsted Lionel Henry William
Bond Charles Nesbitt Ray William Wood
Bradford William Thomas Richards Arthur James
Brooks Albert Alexander Riminton Ernest
Brooks Percy John Riminton Percy Henry
Brown Alfred Joseph Smith Albert Edward
Buckland John Martin Streeter George Henry
Burch Herbert Charles Streeter William Joseph
Burn Robert Williamson Edgar Rowe
Cato Charles Francis Winter Richard Bertram
Chittenden Leonard Lloyd    
Collitt Percy Frank    
Compton Neville George    
Conway Guy    
Corbett John Archibald    
Creek Stanley Alistair    
Day Horace Ernest    
Delvaille Ernest Henry    
Delvaille Stanley Hilton    
Doble Leslie Stephen Stephen    
Doody Maurice Edgar    
Doody Wilfred George    
Durling George Joshua    
Emmens George Harold    
Exelby Charles Roden    
Fairbain Edgar Colin Ambrose    
Finn John Wallace    
Flower Albert Charles    
Frohock William Ernest    
Gilson Bernard Hyde    
Gray Joseph Walter    
Griffiths Alfred James    
Grover Percy    
Hadfield Wilfrid John    
Haley Henry William    
Hart Clement Albert    
Hubble Frederick Richard    
Hutchinson Robert    
Iles Henry    
Innes James Stuart D'Auvergne    
Issacs Henry Roland    
Kear Walter Nelson    
Keen Norman    
Kember Leonard Henry Edward    
Letts Arthur Kingdon    
Lee Percy William    
Lewsey George Frederick    
Little Albert    
Lloyd Edward Stanley    
Lloyd Lyndsey    
Lovell William Leslie    
Marsh Charles Richard    
Mason Thomas Harry    
McColvin Norman    
Morden William Harry    
Morris Wilfrid Stanley    
Nichols Dudley Matthew    
Parham Felix Lawrence    
Perrin Thomas Frederick    
Perry Arthur    
Petrie Arthur Hunt    
Phare Dudley Gersham    
Pulford Stuart Arthur    
Price Arthur Edward    
Price Joseph William James    
Reid James Archibald John    
Richardson Percy Frederick    
Riley Alfred Valentine Cole    
Roberts Frank Marshall    
Rogers Alfred Joseph    
Serres Charles Herbert    
Sinclair St John Leslie Hartnell    
Skinner Edward Walter    
Smithers Robert    
Smith Ernest Hammond    
Thompson Robert Arthur    
Thompson William Frank    
Tribe George Herbert    
Turner Thomas Alfred    
Westrup Leonard    
White Ernest Thomas    
Wild Lionel Tudor    
Williams Harold Ernest    
Williams Percy John    
Williams William Hutton    
Williamson Frederick Albert    
Willsher Harold Henry    
Windsor Arthur    
Woodcocks Walter Stanley    

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