Giving to this Church

St. Mary's is a substantial organisation that meets in a large and expensive to maintain church building. It has an annual budget of nearly £150,000. This is equivalent to around £15 per week for every person who comes to one of our services.This is a significant undertaking and is largely dependent upon the sacrificial and gracious support of church members and worshippers. 

If you are wondering where the money goes:

  • About 50% goes towards the cost of our Clergy, the mission and work of the Diocese.
  • About 30% goes towards running the church building – things like the church office, heating, lighting, printing, telephone costs etc.
  • 5% of our income is set aside to support Christian mission work both in the UK and around the world.   

Those who are tax payers are encouraged to use the Gift Aid envelopes, so that tax can be reclaimed.

If you are considering supporting the mission of St. Mary's and wish to receive details of how to do this through our stewardship scheme, please contact the Parish Office.