'Christ's love in the heart of the community'

  • It is the vision of a compassionate church that reaches out to people, actively working at the centre of the wider community in partnership with others, to meet social, physical, emotional and intellectual as well as spiritual needs; transforming many lives with the power of the love of Jesus Christ.
  • It is the vision of a large network of relationships, friendships and communication systems through which the good news of Jesus Christ can be shared with the people who live in the parish and the surrounding area; bringing many into a personal relationship with the living God.
  • It is the vision of a caring family, which is multi-racial and socially mixed, where anyone, including the unfulfilled, confused, discouraged, hurting and broken can find satisfaction, guidance, healing and help and an opportunity to serve in an environment of open acceptance and love; finding hope for a meaningful and fulfilled life.
  • It is the vision of a contemporary church which seeks a true spirituality, centred on Christ and his Word, and worship that is accessible and inclusive; engaging with God in a variety of styles.
  • It is the vision of authentic fellowship, meeting weekly in small groups to learn from the Bible and pray, sharing our highs and lows, laughing and crying, loving and forgiving one another; growing in spiritual maturity to become like Christ.
  • It is the vision of every member ministry, all discovering God's purpose for their lives and their unique spiritual gifts and talents and to serve enthusiastically in a climate where there is permission to hold different views, take risks and make mistakes; sharing the load to fulfill God's mission.
  • It is the vision of growing the Kingdom, with relevant biblical preaching and teaching, quality youth and children's work, and actively supporting local churches, church plants in unreached areas and mission partners who have been sent out from us around the world; helping build God's Kingdom.
  • It is the vision of beautiful church buildings that are well-designed, welcoming and warm, both flexible and comfortable to cater for the wide range of needs of the church and wider-community; acting as a sign of God's Kingdom and providing all users with a sense of peace and well-being.

This is a vision of a healthy and vibrant church in the year 2020 that is great to be part of. It is a vision which God has a purpose in calling you to help fulfill, together with helping you to grow in faith in Jesus Christ and so find life in all its fullness and the assurance of eternal life.

This is a vision that is to become a reality because the power of God by his Holy Spirit is at the heart of it bringing glory to his name, not our own, and making it happen.

It is a statement for our church and the values we want within it. It is a statement looking forward to the result of our evangelism as Christ comes into the hearts of many people who become his followers. It is also a vision of the missionary church of the 21st Century.

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