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Roots at Home   Activity Sheet  Reading

Jostling for position - Mark 9.30-37

In the passage, there is both literal and metaphorical movement: the physical journey towards Jerusalem and the dawning understanding by Jesus’ followers. Jesus disturbs his disciples by predicting his suffering and death. However, the disciples – whether through misunderstanding, or to avoid thinking about it – argue and jostle for position: which of them is the greatest? Calling them to order, Jesus explains that to be the greatest is to serve others.

After Jesus again predicted his death and resurrection, the disciples – not understanding – argued about who was the greatest. Jesus responded with talk about the first being last and the last, first. He drew a little child into the middle of the group, saying that welcoming a child was an example of welcoming him. How might this relate to us?

This week we explore what it means to be the greatest.

A prayer for forgiveness (for children)

Forgive us, Jesus, when we want to be first,
when we push to the front and cause some hurt.
Help us to put you first each day. Amen.

Order!  An activity for Junior Church

  • Challenge the group to order themselves in a socially distanced line according to: height order, age order, shoe size, etc. Ask them to do this without talking.
  • Afterwards, discuss how it might feel to be asked to put yourselves in order of who is the greatest.

Read the Bible Story

Share the Word for Young Children

Tell the story, asking the children to join in with the different actions/expressions (shown in brackets).

The disciples were arguing
about who was most important. (angry faces)
Jesus asked them what was wrong,
and they were quiet. (fingers on lips)
He knew they had been arguing about who was the greatest.
So, Jesus told them that to be first
they had to be last, and they had to serve others. (puzzled faces)
Jesus took a little child
and put the child in the centre. (surprised faces)
He said, ‘If you welcome one of these little children,
you welcome me.’ (smiling faces)

Stop and share

  • Capernaum was a fishing village on the shores of Lake Galilee.
  • Mention that in Jesus’ time children were extremely unimportant. 

Jesus and the disciples for use in Junior Church 

  • Split the group into two and designate one side, ‘Jesus’ and the other, ‘the disciples’. As you read the story, the different halves should stand each time they hear their word, and sit down when the other word is said.

Swap roles        

Talk about the positions of a boss and a servant

  • Come up with a list of things a boss does and a list of a servant’s jobs. Write the children’s suggestions on paper.
  • Talk through the lists. Jesus said this is what should happen: ‘If you want to be the greatest, you must be prepared to be the least important.’

Talk together

  • Have you ever been in a situation where some people were treated as more important than others?
  • How do you think Jesus’ disciples felt, hearing what he had to say?
  • Who do you think are the people in the world who feel the least important?

Talk to God: A place at the table   

  • Who do they the children think feel the least important in society, e.g. the homeless, refugees, those without a job.
  • Pray that we would learn to honour those in society who are considered least. 

Make a ‘last place’ medal  

Create a symbol of being the least important

You will need: card circles, colouring pens, decorations, ribbon, stapler.

  • Ask the children to make the most impressive looking medals they can by decorating a card circle with the words ‘Last place’.
  • Staple a ribbon on so they can wear the medals round their necks.
  • As you make these, talk together about why this feels like a weird thing to do. Ask: Does anyone celebrate being last?

Roots at Home   Activity Sheet  Reading

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