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I hope you are having a good week and that home schooling is going well. Here are this week’s ROOTS on the web materials which I hope you will find useful during the week ahead.

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Come, see, hear - John 1: 43 - 51

Today we hear about two friends who have an unexpected encounter with Jesus and initially react in very different ways. Together, Philip and Nathanael help each other to understand who Jesus is and they begin a journey that will redefine who they are.

Nathanael is surprised that Jesus knows not only his name, but much about him too. Jesus knows each of us as individuals but sometimes, like Nathanael, we can wonder ‘Why would God be interested in me?’ Some of us will be, like Philip, keen to follow straight away. Some of us will be more like Nathanael – full of questions and concerns. This story shows that wherever we are, Jesus finds us and knows us. Are we looking and listening out for him – and helping others to do so?

Some of us will be like Philip, keen to follow straight away, and some of us will wonder, like Nathanael, ‘why would God be interested in me?’. This story shows that wherever we are, Jesus finds us and knows us. Are you more like Philip or Nathanael, or somewhere in between? This passage and this session are about helping each other hear from God.

A prayer of praise and thanksgiving for children

We praise you, Lord Jesus, that we have your church to come to:
That we can see your love in the lives of others:
That we can hear your words in the Bible and be encouraged:
Hooray! Amen.

Stop and share

  • Nazareth is Jesus’ hometown in Galilee.
  • Talk about the various titles used in this passage: Messiah, Son of God, Son of Man, and explain they are all about Jesus.

Bringing others game  

Illustrate one way we can help others hear from God

You will need: chairs, blindfolds.

  • Place some chairs spaced out in a line across the room and work in pairs to help each other across the room. One volunteer from each pair to be blindfolded. Another person can stand at the far end of the chairs and be ‘Jesus’.
  • Each pair take it in turns to guide each other through the chairs until they get to ‘Jesus’. Swap roles as needed.

Talk together

  • If something exciting happened who would you tell?
  • Why do you think Philip told Nathanael about Jesus before he followed Jesus?
  • What sort of things would you tell someone about Jesus?

Talk to God: Finger labyrinth          

Create a still space to pray

You will need: copies of the finger labyrinth (template), pens.

  • Use the labyrinth template and colour them in
  • Show children how to move their finger slowly around the path to the centre and then out again. Ask them all to find a space in the room where they can sit quietly with their labyrinth.

A prayer for forgiveness for children

Lord Jesus,
we are sorry when we do and say things
that turn others away from you instead of drawing them closer.
Help us to be like Philip and help our friends to hear you. Amen.

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