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Here is the Roots Junior Church material for the week of 1st November. I hope that you and your children will find this useful to use during the week. Please let me know if you would like me to print anything for you each week and send it to you.

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1 Thessalonians 2.9-13 – Theme: Beg, encourage, urge - Paul reminds the Thessalonians that they are chosen by God and should live life honouring God.

Rapids Gathering Prayer

We are gathered here today around Word and word.
God, your Word lives: it breathes, it encourages, it pleads.
It urges us towards love and greater love.
As we listen to your Word today,
may we hear the words in our hearts
that call us towards love of other, self and stranger.
Your Word is an invitation towards an ever greater hospitality.
And so, we stand, supported in the living Word that always welcomes. Amen.

Bubbles Gathering Prayer

Dear God,
you lead each of us on our path through life.
Today our paths meet at this moment, in this place.
Bring us together to worship you. Amen.

Activity - When you put your socks or shoes on, which foot do you do first? What about catch a ball – left or right hand? When you eat fish and chips – do you eat the fish first or the chips? Now it gets dangerous – when you have scones with jam and cream, is it jam on first or cream? There have almost been battles about that one! Last one: when you have a list of jobs to do, which do you do first – the ones you like, or the ones you don’t?

So many ways to get things done. I suppose that’s because we are all different. So, does it matter how you do something as long as it gets done? Isn’t that to be expected if we are all different, all unique individuals?

Play a game to think about begging, encouraging and urging

 Label different areas in your space as ‘beg’, ‘encourage’ and ‘urge’. Stand in the middle of the space. Explain that you will first tell them a scenario and then after each one, you will ask them: should you beg, encourage or urge? Children should go and stand by the labelled word they feel would work best in each scenario.

  • Examples of scenarios:

>  You have been invited to meet your local MP to talk about climate change.

>  You are out for a walk with your family, and your two-year-old cousin sits down and refuses to move.

>  You want to stay up late and watch the football match on television, but your parent says no.

>  You had planned to go on a bike ride with your friend, but now they don’t want to go.

Banner making        

Create a symbol representing your family

You will need: Paper & Felt pens

  • Write ‘God has chosen…’ across the top, and ‘to share in his kingdom’ across the bottom.
  • On the banner, draw yourselves using felt pens and write their name in large letters, then decorate around it.
  • Each individual is chosen by God.

Roots Childrens Sheet  Roots Colouring Sheet