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Roots at Home  Activity Sheet  Reading

All in God’s time - John 2.1-11

Immediately after calling the disciples, we witness Jesus’ first miracle while he and his mother Mary are at a wedding celebration and the wine runs out. Jesus is encouraged by Mary to help the situation and instructs the servants to fill six jugs with water. Much to everyone’s astonishment, as the liquid is poured out of the jugs what comes out is the finest wine, and his new disciples believe in him.

This week’s passage prompts questions about transformation, both in our own lives and our communities. Where do we see God doing extraordinary things in our everyday ordinary lives? Where are the everyday miracles and how is God transforming us into something beautiful?

This week we celebrate God transforming the ordinary for everyone.

A prayer of praise for children

Lord God,
you are always making the ordinary extraordinary:
caterpillars changing into butterflies,
seeds changing into flowers,
water into wine.
You are always making the ordinary extraordinary. Amen.


  • Say something that makes you ordinary, e.g. ‘I have brown eyes.’ The rest of the group can clap, to celebrate it and cheer them on.
  • Talk together about how it felt being celebrated: Did it make you feel proud? Were you embarrassed?

Transform the ordinary to do at home

You will need: plain digestive biscuits, icing pens/icing sugar, sprinkles.

  • Give each child a plain digestive biscuit and encourage them to imagine themselves eating it.
  • Ask them then to decorate the biscuit to turn into an extraordinary tasting biscuit.

Read the Bible Story

Stop and share

  • A steward is someone who organises a big event; a banquet is a grand dinner party.
  • A miracle is an act of wonder that shows how powerful God is. It is something that cannot be explained in an ordinary way.
  • The first sign of glory was the fact that Jesus had performed his first miracle.

Talk together

  • What’s the most amazing thing that has ever happened to you?
  • How would you have reacted if you had seen Jesus doing something amazing?
  • How could you transform something in an amazing way for somebody else?

Share the Word for Young Children at Home

Lay out a tablecloth with cups, jugs of juice and a simple snack to share. Sit together around the cloth, as you tell the story.

Jesus was at a wedding feast.
(share the snack together)
Mary, his mother, came and told Jesus there was no wine.
Jesus told the servants to fill six stone jugs with water.
(count to six on your fingers)
The servants filled the jugs – right up to the top.
Then Jesus told them to pour a glass from one of the jugs
and take it to the man in charge.
So they did.
(pour a glass of juice)
What a surprise – it wasn’t water! It had changed – it was wine.
Everyone was amazed. This was Jesus’ first miracle.
It was the first thing he did to show how amazing God is.
(have a glass of juice each to drink)

Transforming ordinary objects can be done at home

A reminder that God can turn anything into something new

You will need: recyclable materials, e.g. containers, packaging.

  • Show an object that can be recycled.
  • Mime how you could use the object for something new, e.g. a tissue box could be used as a pen holder.
  • Pass round different objects, taking turns to mime how each could be transformed for a new use.

Roots at Home  Activity Sheet  Reading

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