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The Growing Adventure - Mark 4.26-34

In Mark’s Gospel, Jesus shares two parables about growth, patience and hope. As Jesus continues to draw crowds who gather to listen to his teaching, these parables speak about how this teaching is heard and received. The adventure of discipleship is how faith can grow from a small seed to a colossal plant with far-reaching branches, if the right environment is provided.

The natural world speaks to us of God’s presence and nature. Tuning in to our place in the realities and rhythms of nature can help us to reflect on our spiritual journey with God, as does allowing praise to well up within us and lamenting our failure to help God lovingly tend creation. It is good to reflect on ways to pick up this urgent task together and individually.

This week we explore the environment in which God’s kingdom values flourish.

A prayer of thanksgiving for children

Creator God,
thank you that you have planted us here.
Thank you for roots of friendship,
and the fruit of the Spirit. Amen.

Think about the conditions seeds need to grow  

You could have or talk about them: a small pot of soil, seeds, water, a light source.

  • Pass around or talk about the items, what conditions does a seed needs in order to grow well.
  • Today’s story is about seeds growing and becoming fruitful, and that God’s values can flourish within us if we create the right conditions

Stop and share

  • It’s worth noting here that while we are involved in sowing, tending and nurturing growth, it is ultimately God who makes it happen.
  • Explain what is meant by harvest: to gather in ripe crops ready to eat or use.
  • Jesus was a great storyteller who used parables – stories to help people learn more about God, explaining things that are sometimes hard to understand using things we see around us.

Create the right environment                        

Think about what it is that helps you to grow

You will need: pictures included and examples of scenarios (see below).

  • For each scenario, they can only choose two pictures.
  • After each scenario, discuss what else they might need to create the right environment for growth.

Examples of scenarios

  • learning a musical instrument
  • sitting exams
  • developing cooking skills
  • gardening
  • playing a sport
  • reading

Read the Bible Story

Talk together

  • When have you felt like you have really grown in something?
  • What do you think Jesus wanted people to understand about growth?
  • How can you create the right environment for God’s values to grow in your life?

Bible story for young children

Jesus liked to tell stories to help people understand about God’s kingdom.

Once he told a story about some seeds.

He said that if someone plants some wheat seeds,
they grow all by themselves,
whether the person is awake or asleep.

The plant grows bigger and bigger and the wheat gets ripe
and can be cut down in the harvest.

Jesus said that the kingdom of God is like a tiny mustard seed,
which grows into one of the biggest garden plants,
and birds can sit in its branches.

Sow, grow, harvest!                          

  • Ask the group to spread out in your space. Then call out words and show them actions:
    • ‘Plough’ – mime digging;
    • ‘Sow’ – mime scattering seeds;
    • ‘Water’ – mime rain falling;
    • ‘Grow’ – crouch down and then jump up;
    • ‘Harvest’ – mime pulling up plants from the ground.

A sending out prayer

Creator God, send us out to be
ready to learn from your words,
ready to grow in faith and
ready to sow the seeds of your love. Amen.

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