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Here you will find exciting resources and activities for children and young people

Now that August has arrived the format has changed for the week 2nd - 8th August:

The hour is Late Matthew 14: 13 – 21

Live your faith action for children

Each time you stop to eat this week, think of ways you could be generous with your time and gifts.

Live your faith action for young people

Share something with at least one other person, every day this week. This could be food, time, energy or knowledge, for example.

A sending out prayer

The crowds gathered around you, Lord, to share with you;
your words and your food. Help us to go out to share
your words of love and your bread of life.

Children's sheet  Colouring Sheet

ROOTS at Home for Families (from 26th July) - Resources for worshipping together at home

A Global Wave of Prayer for Children

A Global Wave of Prayer for Young People

Bright Prayer Ideas for families at home

Prayer ideas for families & households

Digital Prayer Family Adventure Map

Glow from Spring Harvest Home 2020 You Tube