Prayer Week - 100 Years Rembering 1918-2018 5th - 9th November 2018

Prayer Week - 100 Years Rembering 1918-2018

5th - 9th November 2018

St Mary Magdalene Church, Canning Road, CR0 6QD

The Church will be open from 9.00 am – 7.00 pm.

It is good that we can in this week come together to pray. May I personally invite you to honour our commitment to prayer and ask you to come at some of the set times to pray during the Week of Prayer. Morning or lunch or evening time and to use the open times to pray on your own. Without prayer we do not grow in our relationship with God; so it is vital that we open up our beautiful building so others may be encouraged to stop, pause and pray too. This is our shared joy and duty of care. 

Please may I ask you to take time to share that responsibility and take time in addition to coming to pray to come and sit here in the church so it can be open for five days and your parish can come in to pray to. It isn't much to ask, but it makes the biggest difference to a few individuals who may be just passing by and that may make much more difference than you will ever realise. Thank you so much there is a timetable for you to sign up to at the back of the church. 

Timetable pdf

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